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Better upload files module

We know users can upload their files along with using online editor.

W set different attributes for designs in online designer but nothing for users files. I wish this module had some extra features like:

  • files check (size, color model, dimensions, aspect ratio),
  • files preview for image files (would be great if files like psd, ai, eps would be converted for preview),
  • overlay of safe-zone over file preview,
  • ability to delete selected files,
  • access to previously uploaded files. 

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Good but not critical 

  • drag and drop files upload.
  • progress bar.
  • multi upload.
- file upload restriction to only some sort of file extension
- number of upload ( a both sided flyer can have only maximum two files and not more)
- show a message on upload page to let users know which file extension they can upload
- progress bar
- successful or error message after upload


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