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Impact of google font


Pitchprint allows to import Google Font.

I would like to know if these fonts are loaded on demand by Pitchprint.

Or if the fact to include a lot of google fonts in the editor (possibly not used in the design) has an impact on the loading time of the designer ?

Thanks for your answer and clarify best practice on fonts.

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So since I've find a problem with the webfont.js o nthe product page of my store (prestashop) no respond of the script and freeze the product page so you can do anything.... I've test 2 things, I've delete all the google web font and stay just 2 fonts on the admin panel of Pitch print and then the products pages work perfectly, no freeze.

I've tested also to re upload the fonts (72 fonts) but not by google web font but by TTF file and here, again the problem freeze the product pages and no respond of webfont.js

So, conclusion there is no impact on the store if you choose to upload font by google web font or TTF file, the impact I think is on the quantity of font.

I've talking with Isaac on how to resoled that, no load all the fonts when the customer come to the product page, a better way.


Jean-Pierre, do you know how many fonts is suitable to upload, before it will slow down PP? Thank you
Hi, in my case the product page slow down and freeze from 11 fonts


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Hi guys, there's been an update to fonts today, only fonts found in the design are loaded when the page starts. Then when the Customize button is clicked, the rest are loaded.

Subsequently we will have option to lazy load fonts only when clicked by the user. This might slow the experience and as such, will only apply if found count exceeds certain cap.


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It seems really nice this new way for the fonts, I'll check again that about the page load when I add new fonts, thanks;


Thank you
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