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Urgent: Option to choose save location of final PDF

Actually all PDF's are stored on Amazon's S3 servers, yet - as we need to put the final files in a hotfolder for immediate printing - we would require an option to specify the save path of the rendered PDF. Is there a way to implement that ourselves? If so, where to start? And if not, possible and how long would it take?



Hi Frank, we are working to integrate Zappier so you can define actions to be performed on the PDF once rendered.


 Good news Isaac thanks! ;) Any ideas about the timeline?



Hi Isaac,

any news on this? Meanwhile, is there any way to find out the path to the rendered and saved document inside my database? If so, where should I look for it?



Hi Frank, yes it's in beta mode though, you can try it out here:

There are two triggers, Order Complete and File Upload. Use the order complete option.

Also, what cart framework do you use? Wordpress?

Hi Isaac,

wow great, thanks for that :) And yep, running on WP and latest woo version.


Ok, should work fine.

Please note, the trigger is only called when the order status is set to complete.

 Okay great. Since I auto-complete every order ( all paid in advance via paypal etc ), this should do the trick.

Thanks a bunch Isaac!

Hi FrostStudios Any chance you can save your Zap?

 @Jennifer Adler-Potts: Not sure what you mean with save it - I've created it there and activated it, there's nothing like a save button.

Anyways, although Zapier seems to be pretty good, I decided to code something myself. It fires, as soon as an order gets into the shop, creates a work sheet for the client's operators with all the details needed for the production, download the files from the amazon s3 server and pack all that into a zip file and send it via ftp to the client's wanted destination (hot folder). As the orders are all paid in advance, I can use a hook to the order process and fire my script(s) as soon as the order is retrieved in the backend.

Furthermore I added a REST API call to the created info file which enables the operator to remotely set the order status to "completed" as soon as the print process begins or is completed.

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Seems like the Zapier works for FileUpload but not for Order Completed.  I'm using WooCommerce.


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