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PitchPrint Company Information

We are strongly considering using PP for our print business, but there is very little information about the company (PitchPrint or Synergic Laboratories) available. We work with many small companies, but they all been in business for many years, have strong reviews and customer profiles. 

Does anyone have any information on the history, size, responsiveness, support, etc. for PitchPrint? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Chris,

I have sent you a mail regarding this.


Hi Chris
I have been dealing with Isaac Coker as Flexcubed and Pitchprint for approx 5 years and always found him to be a genuine and honest person, his products are very good also.


I have been working with issac since 2013 with flexcubed and he has always done his best even if sometimes he was absent for a few weeks I always received his help. 
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