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First Name, Last Name, Address and E-mail on the design


I need to put on the design of the Business Card for example the info of the First Name, Last Name, Address and E-mail, that parameters is defined when the user makes login on the Opencart.

How can i archeive that?



You need when the customer create an account on your store or login on, when he launch Pitch print with data form module enable that the informations of him store account auto complete on the businness cart it's right ?

If it's that I don't know :) but you cana do that actually manualy, with the data form module.


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Hi, yes, but now i have other problem.

I have custom_fields in the customer register, who can i show them it PitchPrint?

I only can show, firstname, lastname, email, telephone and fax of the customer in Pitchprint

But i need to show more of this custom fields on the Pitchprint, how can i archieve that?

Thanks a lot for the help,
I'm using Pitchprint for OpenCart, thanks one more time for the awesome module :)


Jean-Pierre Help pls :)

Hi Bruno, Can you modify your vqmod?

If not, please send me the OC version, and how to access the custom fields by name.

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Hi Isaac. Yes, i can modify the vqmod. Im using the OC Any sugestions to show the custom fields on Pitchprint? Thanks a lot for all the help.

Isaac any thoughts? Thanks :)

That's awesome.

Please check the vqmod where you have...


userData: {
	email: '<?php echo $GLOBALS['pitchprint']['customer_data']['email']; ?>',
	name: '<?php echo $GLOBALS['pitchprint']['customer_data']['name']; ?>',
	firstname: '<?php echo $GLOBALS['pitchprint']['customer_data']['firstname']; ?>',
	lastname: '<?php echo $GLOBALS['pitchprint']['customer_data']['lastname']; ?>',
	telephone: '<?php echo $GLOBALS['pitchprint']['customer_data']['telephone']; ?>',
	fax: '<?php echo $GLOBALS['pitchprint']['customer_data']['fax']; ?>',
	address: '<?php echo trim($GLOBALS['pitchprint']['customer_address']); ?>'


And add yours there. The property should match the title you gave to your text element on the PitchPrint canvas and PitchPrint will pick the values and replace them.

Hi Isaac, thanks for the reply.

I locate these lines on VQMod, but i want to show the custom_fields, so i have to edit the VQmod to make it appear on the Pitchprint when i enter the text_element right?

The OpenCart store the Custom Fields, on a row named "custom_field" on the table oc_customer.

How can i archive that to make custom fields appear on Pitchprint?

Thanks one more time :)

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