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VERY IMPORTANT! Placing watermark on images

Please add the watermark option in the proof image. When the client edit the art, when going to next art approval screen, have an option to put a watermark.


I do not know if you already have it, if you already have it, please tell me. This option is very important because as the art approval image is in high resolution, customers can print on the screen.


Do you have any other solution?

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Hi Anderson, we don't have that now but you can always make use of the foreground layer to put an image there and have it not printed in the final PDF.

That can act as a watermark in the mean time.

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OK thank you!

I'll see how it works ...

 I have been asking for this feature for months as well. I realize you have a solution but just having a watermark would be so much easier. I don't have time to re-edit every item I have in my store.

Usually when you're on the final render screen and right click on the screen it's not possible to save the design, and do that by a capture will be always at 72 dpi and bad quality for print somewhere.
Hi everybody, now you can find on the settings of your pitch print dashboard a new option for add picture for watermark :)


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