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Foreground and Customer design is scaling down un

Hello and greetings to all.

I have just tried to create a template for an 11oz mug and i have run in to a problem that i need some help with.

I am not using the PitchPrint bleed or margin lines, but i am using a .jpg background image and a .png foreground image which is set as YES to be printed. Both images are exactly the same dimensions.

The screenshots explain the problem best, but here goes.

When the customer edits the template, everything looks great, however, after finishing the design and clicking the SUBMIT button, the template foreground and the customer design appears to 'scale down' by approximately 30%.The preview on the storefront after saving also appears to be 'scaled down' by approx 30%. When i download the PDF file, all sizes are correct and as expected, this problem just seems to be affecting the customer previews and during the design save process.

I hope this explains the issue, any help would be greatly appreciated.



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